Research and Publications


Nartanalaya’s research wing has been involved in extensive research on  Manipuri dance and its inherent cultural attributes. Guru Bipin Singh, Guru Kalavati Devi and Guru Darshana Jhaveri have written, edited and published various books on the intricacies of Manipuri dance (See About). The research has expanded over the years, encouraging the dancers to visit Manipur and bring into the light the intricacies of the land and its distinctive culture.  Articles written by the artistes of Manipuri Nartanalaya are regularly published in various journals on dance worldwide. Students are encouraged to develop their scholastic propensity and even pen down their thoughts in the form of scripts for productions.

In Charge of the Research and Publications Wing:
Dr. Deepa Dasgupta, Laily Basu

Assisted by:Srijan Chatterjee.