Dance School

Nartanalaya is a comprehensive Manipuri dance institution where the art form is taught to aspiring students of all ages and expertise.  The classes are divided according to the age groups - young children (age group - 4 to 10), juniors (age group 10 to 16), medium and seniors (17 onwards). Free classes are also available to underprivileged groups who are keen to learn.

In Charge of the Children and Junior Sections:
Kunjo Singh, Arpita Saha, Anindita Mandal (Dey) and Mousam Nandi

In Charge of the Medium and Senior Sections:
Guru Kalavati Devi and Bimbavati Devi, assisted by Kunjo Singh, Arpita Saha and Mousam Nandi




An intensive curriculum of rigorous practice and discipline is maintained among the artistes of the performing wing of the organization. This is to bring out the best in the professional performances of Nartanalaya.
In Charge of the Repertory and Professional Productions:
Bimbavati Devi


Theory Sessions


For all the students and artistes of the institute, theory sessions form an indispensable part of the classes for a deeper understanding of the Manipuri culture and dance in entirety. Since Manipuri dance and music was born out of an intense socio-religious churning, it is important to familiarize oneself with the Meitei way of life, the geography, the historical background, the social and religious milieu. Thus, Nartanalaya also feels that it is of utmost importance to familiarize the students with the land and its culture. Since it is not possible for everyone to make regular trips to Manipur, multimedia presentations and projections are also used to make the students acquainted with the land.

In Charge of General Administration:
Bipul Basu (Secretary)